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Февраль 14, 2015

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Beatles Story, from us to you.

Апрель 29, 2013

Klaus Voormann, born on April 29, 1938 in Berlin

Artist, Musician, Producer, and all-around Lovely Man

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Апрель 10, 2013

Stuart Sutcliffe: June 23, 1940 - April 10, 1962

Exactly 51 years ago today, on April 10th, 1962, we lost a beautiful soul.
Sutcliffe was gone from the world at only 21 years of age on that tragic evening due to a brain haemorrhage which until today Doctors haven’t a clue why he got it though some think it was caused by a […]

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Март 30, 2013


Michael Webb, Getty Images
A draft of a letter John Lennon wrote to Eric Clapton on Sept. 29, 1971 asking him to collaborate on a musical project recently sold for $35,000 at an auction.

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Декабрь 26, 2012

As Promised, your Christmas reading.

But don’t let it interrupt the Queen speech.

Just another Day. Christmas Day, 1962.
As the Day before was a “No Work” Day, we were all anticipating that today would be a boring Day, resulting in the decision that we should all go to The English Seaman’s Mission for Christmas Lunch. But as this was a sugestion […]

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Декабрь 18, 2012

The Beatles Say Goodbye to Hamburg

Backstage in Hamburg in June 1966, The Beatles met up with old friends from their stints in the city.
From left to right: George, Kathia Berger, Paul, Icke Braun and (his wife at the time, German actress) Evelyn Hamann, Ringo, John and Bettina “Betty” Derlien
(Betty remembers going to the movies with John back in the […]

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Ноябрь 9, 2012

Quarrymen pianist leaves the Beatles first ever record to ‘gather dust’ for 20 years

Living with a goldmine…John Lowe didn’t realise he had the most expensive record in the world laying in his drawer
A MAN who once owned the most valuable record in the world has revealed how he left it gathering dust in a drawer for 20 years – and later sold it for a song.
The original acetate […]

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Июнь 8, 2012

Iconic Twickenham Film Studios Is ‘Saved’

The Beatles get their hair done before going on set to film at Twickenham Studios
The iconic Twickenham film studios, which made the Beatles films, Blade Runner and War Horse, has been saved from closure following a celebrity-backed campaign.
Big names in the film industry such as Colin Firth, Steven Spielberg and Sir Paul McCartney signed a petition […]

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Sir Tom Jones reveals the Beatles hit that was written for him

It’s one of The Beatles most famous songs but if the course of rock ‘n’ roll history had been altered, it’s Sir Tom Jones who would be famous for singing The Long And Winding Road – not The Fab Four.
The Welsh icon has revealed how his fellow knight of the realm, Sir Paul McCartney offered […]

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Май 30, 2012

Fifth Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe’s old Huyton school Park View saved

Stuart Sutcliffe photographed by Astrid Kirchherr, in the woods near the river Elbe, 1960.
FIFTH Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe’s former school was spared the axe amid fears of a pupil exodus.
In December the ECHO revealed how Knowsley council was proposing to close Park View primary in Huyton where bassist Sutcliffe, synonymous with The […]

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