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Январь 21, 2017

Beatles movie about Sgt Pepper album scores sales deal

EXCLUSIVE: Documentary marks the 50th anniversary of the seminal album

A new Beatles film marking the 50th anniversary of the iconic band’s seminal album ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is in post-production.
It Was Fifty Years Ago Today…Sgt Pepper And Beyond, directed by Alan G. Parker (Hello Quo), will be sold internationally by former IM Global […]

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Декабрь 28, 2016


Carrie fisher & Ringo

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Декабрь 22, 2016

Two of Ringo Starr’s most notorious films are now on DVD

Ringo Starr’s acting career, which started with critical raves over his scenes in A Hard Day’s Night, veered off into unusual territory when he went for roles that were definitely not Beatlesque. Two of these films, both products of a time of free-form films, have recently become available on DVD.

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Декабрь 6, 2016

The Beatles: Eight Days A Week The Touring Years


Нits No. 1. It stays on top for eight weeks, making it the longest-running No. 1 album by a former Beatle. June 13, … “The Beatles: The Night That Changed America — A GRAMMY Salute.” The two-and-a-half hour special …


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Ноябрь 29, 2016

Peace & Love: The Life & Times of Ringo Starr

Upcoming documentary of the most iconic drummer of all time Ringo Starr. Discover the man you never really knew.

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Ноябрь 7, 2016

Let It Be

Сентябрь 17, 2016

Apple Corps is sued over Beatles’ 1965 Shea Stadium film rights

Former Beatles’ promoter Sid Bernstein stands with new stamps at a John Lennon World Postal Tribute in New York, New York, December 8, 1995. REUTERS/Mark Cardwell/File Photo
Apple Corps Ltd, the music company founded by members of The Beatles, was accused in a lawsuit on Monday of infringing copyrights of a company claiming to own […]

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Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr rock the red carpet at The Beatles documentary premiere

The two surviving Beatles were joined by Yoko Ono as they showed their support for Ron Howard’s film.

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr attend the London premiere of The Beatles: Eight Days A Week: The Touring YearsAFP/Getty
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were reunited on the red carpet this evening for the London premiere of […]

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Август 23, 2016

“Bigger than Jesus” documentary

Facebook header of the new film project.
A new documentary is in the making, all about John Lennon’s “bigger than Jesus” statement and repercussions. The production, “Bigger than Jesus - The controversy that changed America” will include a vast array of interviews both in the UK and the USA - including one […]

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Август 12, 2016


The Beatles mean more to me than any other human beings on this planet outside of my friends and (immediate) family. Is this admission a giant red flag for romantic partners? Yes. Does this revelation mark me as candidate for serious psychiatric help? Probably.
Naturally I followed the production of Beat Bugs, Netflix’s new animated children’s […]

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