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Июнь 17, 2017

Yoko Ono to Receive Songwriting Credit on John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’

UPDATED: At the annual meeting of the National Music Publishers Association in New York on Wednesday, Yoko and Sean Ono Lennon received the organization’s new Centennial Song award for John Lennon’s legendary 1971 song “Imagine” — and Yoko received more than that. NMPA CEO David Israelite showed a video from 1980 wherein John said that […]

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Декабрь 9, 2016

Yoko Ono makes plea for gun control on anniversary of John Lennon’s murder

‘The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience’

Dear Friends,
Every day, 91 Americans are killed with guns.
We are turning this beautiful country into a War Zone.
Together, let’s bring back America, the green land of Peace.
The death of a loved one is a hollowing experience.
After 36 years, our son Sean and I still miss him.
Yoko […]

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Август 1, 2015

Bono: ‘Let’s claim all the Beatles as Irish’

The U2 frontman ‘claims’ the Beatles as Irish at an Amnesty International ceremony celebrating immigration on New York’s Ellis Island

The Edge, Yoko Ono and Bono in front of the tapestry honouring John Lennon on Ellis Island. Photograph: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
As far as Bono is concerned, the Beatles are his countrymen. The U2 frontman claimed John […]

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Июнь 28, 2015

Hearing Yoko Ono All Over Again

Yoko Ono and John Lennon in their first public appearance as the Plastic Ono Band, at Varsity Stadium in Toronto on Sept. 14, 1969. Credit Associated Press
In the spring of 1962, Yoko Ono sat down at a piano onstage at the Sogetsu Art Center, then a hub of experimentation in the thriving Tokyo arts […]

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Июнь 17, 2015

And Here We Attempt To Illustrate Yoko Ono’s Most Beguiling Tweets

Yoko Ono is a conceptual artist, a musician, an activist, fashion designer, author and icon. Although it’s not listed on her official roster, we’d like to add Twitter sorcerer to the list.
With under 140 characters, Ono crafts miniature poems at once profound and bizarre, the kind of inimitable wisdom you’d get from a toddler who’s […]

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Июнь 14, 2015

Plans for first staging of Lennon’s ‘In His Own Write’ gets support from Yoko

The cover of the original book.
A effort in Scotland to present the first ever complete stage version of John Lennon’s first book, “John Lennon: In His Own Write” has received the full support and cooperation of Yoko Ono, Jonathan Glew of Baldynoggin Productions, who is putting on the play, […]

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Апрель 3, 2015

Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono Pay Tribute to Cynthia Lennon

Pascal Le Segretain / Michael Buckner / Jemal Countess, Getty Images
As the news of Cynthia Lennon’s passing traveled yesterday, the surviving former members of the Beatles and their kin offered homage to John Lennon‘s first wife.
“The news of Cynthia’s passing is very sad,” wrote Paul McCartney in a statement published by NME. “She was a […]

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Февраль 18, 2015

Happy Birthday to Yoko Ono!

“Whenever I do something that I believe in, I think, ‘Well, this might kill me, but if I’m killed I’m going to be with John, so it doesn’t matter.’ Not that I want to get there right away! I think, and I hope it’s true, that my two children would like to have me around […]

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Февраль 14, 2015

Beatle John Lennon hit son Julian as his marriage to Cynthia collapsed

Beatles star’s former housekeeper says he constantly argued with Cynthia, cheated on her with Yoko Ono and would smack his son Julian Lennon

Troubled: John, Cynthia and Julian Lennon
John Lennon would hit young son Julian and have furious rows with his wife Cynthia about how to bring him up, the star’s former aide claimed.
A secret paper […]

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Январь 26, 2014

Lifetime award for the Beatles

The Beatles have been honoured with a lifetime achievement award at a star-studded ceremony in Los Angeles.

The Recording Academy Special Merit Awards ceremony was the first of several celebrations of the surviving Beatles, Ringo Starr and Sir Paul McCartney, the latter of whom was unable to make the ceremony because of Grammy Awards rehearsals.
The two […]

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