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Январь 14, 2013

The Beatles’ ‘Love Me Do’ Hits the Public Domain in Europe

Under a soon-to-be-revised law, copyright expires after 50 years

The Beatles first single, “Love Me Do,” has entered the pubic domain in Europe, thanks to current copyright law in the European Union, Complete Music Update reports.
As the E.U. law currently stands, copyright for recorded music is set to expire after 50 years. Since “Love Me Do” and […]

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Июнь 10, 2012

Were the Beatles Angry Young Men?

8 Beatles Songs for Angry Young Men — All You Need Is Jealousy and Threats

The Beatles are well known for their countless tunes about peace and love, but underneath the cherry-soda pop fizz of their early music are some seriously menacing lyrics.
Not convinced that your beloved Beatles stooped to writing songs of jealously and […]

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Июнь 8, 2012

The Beatles named the UK’s biggest selling singles act of all time

The Fab Four beat Elvis and Cliff Richard into second and third place

The Beatles have been named the biggest selling singles act in the UK, since charts began 60 years ago in 1952.
The Fab Four pushed Elvis Presley into second place and Cliff Richard into third, in a new list compiled by the Official Charts Company, which is being […]

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