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Декабрь 10, 2010

John Lennon

The murder of the former Beatle 30 years ago - outside his Manhattan apartment building - shocked the world. In the days following the fatal shooting tens of thousands of his fans took to the streets of New York, Liverpool and other cities, to show their grief publicly.


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The Joe Crummey audio slideshow- John Lennon

30 years ago today John Lennon was murdered right here in New York City. On today’s Crummey Show, we take a look back at the life and career of Lennon. Joe talks to Alan Weis, who was an ABC TV producer and in the ER of Roosevelt Hospital as the shooting and death went down, […]

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Март 1, 2010

The Beatles: Now & Then Celebrating

Have you ever closed your eyes while listening to the Beatles music and wondered what it would have been like to be at a live concert featuring all four Beatles? Well I know I have, and you know what? I’ve compiled what I would consider a ‘Beatles Fantasy’ concert.
So this episode of The Beatles […]

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