Архив за месяц: Май 2008.

Май 31, 2008

George Harrison Last Film

it’s not a sad video or anything, but he just seems so calm and peaceful and it makes me miss him a lot.

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Май 24, 2008

a star is born!

  Bob Dylan, Born 24 May 1941 24 мая 1941 года родился Роберт Аллен Циммерман, известный всем как Боб Дилан (Bob Dylan), певец, поэт и композитор, король американского фолка, одна из культовых фигур американской музыки и культуры буйных 60-х - 70-х. (Read more)

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Май 20, 2008

Chelsea flower show 2008 - Garden for George

                                                                              This years Chelsea flower show, Olivia, Ringo, Barbara, Mary, Damon Hill, and Brian Clarke were there for the opening, oh .. so was the Queen.                                       
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Май 17, 2008

A Visit To Ringo’s Childhood Home.

The BBFC visit Ringo Starr’s childhood home in Liverpool.
vid by wanderer1955  http://ru.youtube.com/user/wanderer1955 

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Май 16, 2008

ART- MOSCOW/Арт-Москва

   Герой. Лидер. Бог. (Александр Косолапов, галерея Гельмана)                                                                                                                                                                                АРТ МОСКВА(ART-MOSCOW)
ЯРМАРКА 14 - 18 МАЯ 2008

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Май 15, 2008

Ringo story time/ THANKSGIVING 1980

Ringo is Ringo, that’s all there is to it. And he’s every bloody bit as warm, unassuming, funny and kind as he seems. He was quite simply the heart of The Beatles.
- John Lennon.                                                                 Around Thanksgiving on the 26th of November 1980 Ringo, Barbara and Marjorie visited John and Yoko at the Plaza hotel for […]

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Май 12, 2008

36 Hours in Liverpool, England

                              The Grapes pub in Liverpool, England.Jonathan Player for The New York Times THE word Liverpool invariably evokes two images: the Beatles and soccer. That’s a shame because this industrial city, which celebrated its 800th birthday last year (and is the 2008 European Capital of Culture), moved on a long time ago. Avant-garde architecture and […]

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Май 11, 2008

beatlestory time!/Beatles Anthology Director’s Cut ~ exactly what’s in it ~ ?!?!

    Story VS Performance - The 1993 Director’s Cut of Anthology focused primarily on the Beatles story, using performance footage only to enhance the story. The final version would remove much of the story and details to include as much TV and concert footage as possible. At the time this appeared to be the best […]

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Май 7, 2008

McCartney and Starr to reunite?

             Beatles fans have been sent into a frenzy over rumours Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are set to reunite on stage in an historic performance.
To celebrate the city being named 2008’s Capital of Culture, the Fab Four’s hometown of Liverpool, England is hosting the Sound City music festival, where McCartney is set to take to […]

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A Model Making Music?! Hmmm…

(Supermodel- Agyness Deyn -Five O’Clock Heroes) […]

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