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Август 31, 2009

“Dad, if John were still alive, what do you think he’d be doing?”

“Well, I think he'd be on stage playing with his dear friend Paul.”

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Август 28, 2009

Quentin Tarantino the Beatles Vs Elvis debate

Correct-a-mundo Ringo

Inglourious Basterds creator Quentin Tarantino has revealed his revealed Ringo Starr is his favourite Beatle.
The Kill Bill director declared himself an Elvis fan over the Fab Four, but said Ringo is his favourite moptop because of his acting ability.
Quentin also revealed his first stage acting role, aged 16, was playing a Brit and he […]

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For sale: Controversial article signed by Beatles legend John Lennon

For sale: Controversial article signed by Beatles legend John Lennon
THE original autographed magazine in which John Lennon claimed the Beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ is being auctioned in the US next week.
“Christianity will go”, Lennon said in the September 1966 edition of Datebook magazine, which he autographed above his photo.
“He said: […]

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Август 27, 2009

Paul McCartney Talks The Beatles: Rock Band

e talked to a ton of people for this month’s The Beatles: Rock Band special, but no one was more special than the legendary Sir Paul McCartney. Aside from being knighted for his unparalleled contributions to music – which have also earned him multiple Grammy and Academy Awards – McCartney has been a strong […]

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Август 26, 2009

Beatles manager Brian Epstein to be focus of Fab Four biopic

Tony Gittelson’s screenplay will centre on the Liverpudlian who masterminded the Beatles rise to superstardom and died of an overdose aged of 32

Music revolutionary … Brian Epstein, former manager of the Beatles
The early days of the Beatles has been told on-screen before, in the 1994 film Backbeat, but never with Brian Epstein as a central […]

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Август 25, 2009

Beatles’ music crosses generations

The upcoming and very welcome reissue of the Beatles’ canon Sept. 9 in digitally remastered form is an inspiring event — and, to borrow the words of President Obama, presents us with a "teachable moment" about one of the unspoken prejudices that still plague us. We have rightly refuted racism, sexism and ageism. But still […]

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Август 24, 2009

the Beatles filmed for the BBC

Август 23, 2009

this is my new clip

Август 20, 2009

Lennon tapes reveal Beatles bickering

Secrets behind the Beatles’ split are about to be laid bare in the pages of rock magazine Rolling Stone, thanks to unearthed interviews with an angry John Lennon.
The Imagine singer sat down with Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner shortly after the Fab Four parted ways and revealed a few home truths about the real reasons […]

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Август 8, 2009

Abbey Road

Утром 8 августа 1969 г. Леннон, Маккартни, Харрисон и Ринго вышли из здания студии на Abbey Road 3.Полисмен перекрыл движение на улице, когда фотограф Иен Макмиллан встал на стремянку у пешеходной “зебры”.У ребят было всего десять минут — так договорились с полицией.Макмиллан успел сделать шесть снимков.Пятый снимок, который потом стал обложкой альбома, сделан […]

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