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Ноябрь 30, 2009

Latest Dennis Mitchell’s ‘Breakfast With the Beatles’ show features music, words of George Harrison

The latest edition of “Dennis Mitchell’s ‘Breakfast With The Beatles’” is available at www.beatlesradioshow.com. This week’s show features a special remembrance of George Harrison, eight years after his passing, through music and interviews. The show also announces its newest affiliate, KWRZ “Cruisin’ Oldies” in Denver, Colo. The show will be heard there Saturdays […]

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Ноябрь 26, 2009

13 reasons to respect Ringo Starr

By John Bryant
© copyrighted
Ringo Starr, the luckiest no-talent on earth. All he had to do was smile and bob his head. Oh yes, and keep a beat for three of the most talented musicians/songwriters of this century. What other impression could one have when judging the role that Ringo played in the success of […]

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Ноябрь 25, 2009

Trailer for ABC’s Paul McCartney special — see it here!

Here’s the trailer for the ABC special, "Paul McCartney: Good Evening New York City," to air 10 PM/ET Thanksgiving night Nov. 26. An ABC spokesman told us there will be footage in the special not in the "Good Evening New York City" DVD. Paul himself has a couple of soundbites in the trailer for the […]

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Julian Lennon Teams With Birch and Meagher To Launch “theREVOLUTION”

You say you want theRevolution? Well, you know, we all want to change the music world… Tapping the reach of the Internet and a power-shifting business model, musicianJulian Lennon and digital pioneers Michael Birch andTodd Meagher today officially announced the launch oftheRevolution LLC, a full-service, artist-focused, music services company.
“in the vanguard of theRevolution”>

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My Day At Ringo Starr’s house!

I’m not sure how exactly to say this casually, so I must just resort to using all caps-I JUST WENT TO RINGO STARR’S HOUSE AND PLAYED TABLA AND SANG IN HINDI ON HIS ALBUM AND ALSO GAVE HIM A LITTLE TABLA TUTORIAL!!!

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Ноябрь 24, 2009

Carla Bruni and Harry Connick Jr to reprise Beatles song

France’s First Lady Carla Bruni and Harry Connick Jr will team up on French television for a duet of the Beatles classic, “And I Love Her”>

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Paul McCartney Doesn’t Understand the Internet

What’s Paul McCartney’s doomsday scenario? Someone, somewhere, somehowmanages to leak the Beatles‘ music onto the internet, where it will be stolen by everyone, all the time. This must be prevented! Notice a problem there? Yeah, it gets worse.

“A few days ago, we found out that Apple Corps and EMI would finally release the Beatles’ […]

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Ноябрь 22, 2009

Author Peter Ames Carlin talks about the life of Paul McCartney

The cover of “Paul McCartney: A Life” by Peter Ames Carlin. (Touchstone)
Peter Ames Carlin’s recently released book, "Paul McCartney: A Life," is a fan-friendly biography of the former Beatle. It features interviews with many of McCartney’s friends and tries to cover his life without going for the jugular. We recently asked him some questions about […]

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Ноябрь 21, 2009

Beatles documentary on History channel

Beatles fans will be giving thanks next week for some holiday TV specials featuring the Fab Four.
The documentary “The Beatles on Record,” debuts at 10 p.m. Wednesday on the History channel, focusing on the group’s recorded works. Director Bob Smeaton, who also helmed the celebrated “Beatles Anthology” series, weaves together commentary by the four band […]

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Take a walk with the Beatles with new app for Apple’s iPhone

The Beatles London Walk app for the iPhone.
There’s a new app being release this month for iPhone users that lets users walk in the footsteps of the Beatles. It’s the new Beatles Walk app for the iPhone. It’s a guided tour app of Beatles locations including 16 Fab Four locations from Abbey Road’s zebra […]

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