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Апрель 30, 2010

How the Beatles rewrote the rules within the parameters of pop

The first thing that strikes you when you look at Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for A Day in the Life is how little John Lennon seemed to agonise over them. Save for a handful of scribbled-out words, the words appear to have tumbled out in one rhapsodic flow, pending the later addition of Paul McCartney’s middle […]

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Апрель 29, 2010

Which Beatle was the first to visit the United States?

When the Beatles landed on US soil in February 1964, it was George Harrison’s second trip to the states. While on vacation in September 1963, he visited his sister, Louise, at 113 McCann Street in Benton, Illinois. The home where he stayed in is now the Hard Day’s Nite Bed and Breakfast. While in Illinois, […]

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McCartney: It’s a ‘blessing’ The Beatles never re-formed

WENN — Sir Paul McCartney is glad The Beatles never re-formed, insisting it would have spoiled their legacy.The Fab Four considered reuniting after their split in 1970, right up until John Lennon’s death a decade later.But McCartney considers it a “blessing” they never made it back into the studio together.Bing:

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The Beatles unseen photos

John Stapleton finds out more about a discovery of Beatles photos that had laid hidden in an attic for 50 years

More on the Beatles unseen photos

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John Lennon’s 70th Birthday To Be Marked By Two Month Festival

Liverpool, the hometown of famous Beatles member, John Lennon, will partake in a special “tribute season” this fall. To honor the musician on what would been his 70th birthday, there will be a two-month long festival celebrating his music and peace. The festival will begin on October 9th (his birthday) until December 9th, which is the 30 year […]

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Paul McCartney Shifts Post-Beatles Albums From EMI To Concord

EMI has got to be wondering when the mercy rule kicks in. The struggling label is losing Paul McCartney, who announced Tuesday (April 20) that he’s planning to reissue his post-Beatles catalogue through indie label Concord Music Group.
When McCartney’s licensing deal with the London-based EMI recently ended, the Beatle’s legend handed over his entire catalog of […]

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Апрель 28, 2010

Beatles makes the comic pages in reissue of eight-volume series

“The Beatles Experience” comic book.Bluewater Productions Inc.In the early ’90s, Revolutionary Comics issued a series of comic books on the Beatles, called “The Beatles Experience.” The eight books, written by Todd Loren, Jay Allen Sanford and Mikal Vollmer, and drawn by Vinnie Tartamella (the cover) and Stuart Immonen & Mike Sagara (pencil work) went through […]

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Sir Paul McCartney Says It Was A “Blessing” The Beatles Never Reformed

He said: “There was a bit of talk of The Beatles at certain points. What used to happen was three of us would fancy it and then maybe George or John or I wouldn’t. In a way it was a blessing. We’d done it, why spoil it? Whether it’s god given or not those four […]

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Paul McCartney won’t be rocking Regina

Local organizers confirmed Tuesday that Paul McCartney’s Up and Coming tour won’t be making a stop in Regina.
Photograph by: Mario Anzuoni, REUTERS
REGINA — After months of speculation, local organizers confirmed Tuesday that Paul McCartney’s Up and Coming tour won’t be making a stop in Regina.
It had been rumoured that the tour, which opened on March […]

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Beatle news briefs: Beatles engineer says Fab Four’s music was simply magic

Former Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick still marvels over the music he engineered in the studio for the Beatles. “There aren’t any words that can actually describe what happened, they don’t exist, because it will never happen again,” he told the Liverpool Echo in a lengthy interview. “We were making this […]

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