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Март 29, 2011

Website to pay $950,000 for posting Beatles hits

Website that posted Beatles hits for cheap downloads to pay record labels $950,000

BlueBeat.com has agreed to pay $950,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the music companies EMI, Capitol Records and Virgin Records America after posting digital copies of The Beatles music a year before they became legitimately available.
“The best things in life […]

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Март 25, 2011

Eаrly Bеatles vocаlist Tony Shеridan feаtured at Russiаn fan fеstival

Tony SheridanPhoto: Wikimedia Commons
Tony Sheridan, whose vocals with the Beatles are heard on some of their earliest commercial recordings, will be among the performers at the Russian Beatles Festival March 27 at the B2 Club in Moscow, Russia.
The event, sponsored by the Beatles.ru Russian fan website, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the release of […]

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Campaigners fail to save Ringo Starr’s birthplace

A minibus full of tourists stops to take a look at former Beatle Ringo Starr’s childhood home (brown door) at 9 Madryn Street, Liverpool. Photo / AP
Campaigners in Ringo Starr’s hometown have failed in their bid to preserve the Beatles drummer’s birthplace, with local authorities pressing ahead with plans to demolish the house where […]

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Март 24, 2011


Fab Four’s first US tour laid bare in exclusive photos
The ominous dictum “What goes on tour, stays on tour” has been popular with rock stars for decades now, and tends to be ushered out in unison with a sly wink and/or cheeky grin.
However, while musicians may feel obliged to adhere strictly to this […]

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Март 23, 2011

Somе Beatles-rеlated еvents from March 23:

March 23, 1964:  The Beatles began seven days of filming for “A Hard Day’s Night” at the Scala Theater in London. For the film, the theater became “United TV House,” the location of a TV show the group was to appear on.<
Also on March 23: READ MORE

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Mark Chapman thought of killing Elizabeth Taylor and Johnny Carson

Mark Chapman, John Lennon’s killer, has said that he considered trying to murder Elizabeth Taylor, or the US chat show host Johnny Carson, but decided the Beatle would be an easier target.

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Liverpool birthplace of Beatle Ringo Starr under new threat

A Liverpool council chief launched a scathing attack on Tory Housing Minister Grant Shapps as a new row erupted over the future of the birthplace of ex-Beatle Ringo Starr.
Joe Anderson, Labour leader of Liverpool City Council, defended a town hall decision to plough-on with plans to demolish hundreds of Victorian terraced houses.
He argues that there […]

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John Lennon’s story and music brought to life

AFTER successfully bringing the story of John Lennon to life at the Sydney Opera House, John Waters is taking his show to the Hills for half the price.
Looking Through a Glass Onion is a homage to the music, mystery and memory of the late Beatles founder.
Tickets are nearly sold out for the show at […]

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Март 21, 2011

John Lennon: ‘We’re Only Trying to Get Us Some Peace’

Drove from Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton,
Talking in our beds for a week.
The newspaper said, “Say what you doing in bed?”
I said, “We’re only trying to get us some peace.”
–John Lennon, “The Ballad of John and Yoko” (1969)
It was 1969, and the Vietnam War was raging. Protests, riots and societal turmoil were ripping at the […]

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