Архив за месяц: Февраль 2012.

Февраль 29, 2012

“And I’m getting ready to rock.”

In Ringo Starr’s newest video update for February, which was posted Tuesday, he says he’s feeling great.
“I’m feeling better. That’s why I’m excited,” he says at the beginning of the video, which you can see at left.
He thanked fans who sent him good wishes during his recent illness. Starr came down with pneumonia, which kept […]

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Февраль 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, George!


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Happy Birthday, George Harrison: The Quiet Beatle’s Best Songs

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Февраль 24, 2012

The Beatles ringtones: roll up for the magical mystery tone

After a decade of resistance, band license 27 of their hits to iTunes for use as mobile ringtones

The Beatles have licensed 27 of their top singles for use as iTunes ringtones.
After holding out against ringtones for more than a decade, the Beatleshave licensed 27 of their top singles for purchase as annoying, […]

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Февраль 21, 2012

Abbey Road Studios opens its doors to the public

Known internationally for its connection to the Beatles, Abbey Road Studios celebrates its 80th anniversary by opening, fleetingly, to the public.

Abbey Road Studios in London hosted recording sessions for the Liverpudlian band throughout the 1960s but is also associated with Pink Floyd, Kate Bush and Oasis.
Celebrating its most famous musical partnership during this anniversary year, […]

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Февраль 20, 2012

Hohner Announces The John Lennon “IMAGINE” Signature Series Harmonica

Following in the footsteps of the popular Bob Dylan and Steven Tyler Signature Series, Hohner Inc. announces the release of the John Lennon IMAGINE Signature Series harmonica.
Featuring brilliant white cover-plates, stylish white packaging, and a clear acrylic comb, the ‘IMAGINE’ harmonica will pay tribute to the legacy of John Lennon, one of the greatest musicians […]

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Февраль 19, 2012

Ringo Starr Says Beatles Remasters Helped his Reputation as a Drummer

One might expect Ringo Starr to be secure in the knowledge that nearly every rock drummer who has come in his wake cites him as an influence. Fact is, however, it took the remastering of The Beatles’ catalog to present him in what he feels was a proper light.
“I love the remasters,” he told […]

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McCartney’s ‘Kisses on the Bottom’

Paul really knows how to put out a well packaged album.
When we reviewed Paul McCartney’s “Kisses on the Bottom” , like a lot of reviewers, we didn’t embrace it completely, but did allow it had some good qualities. Mostly, we said it was a different road for McCartney and basically shrugged our shoulders at it.
Having […]

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The Beatles 50th Anniversary Tribute!

The cover of “The Beatles 50th Anniversary Tribute” now on newsstands. Credit/ Bauer Publishing
A new magazine you’ll find just out on newsstands is ”The Beatles 50th Anniversary Tribute.” The publication, the latest in Bauer Publishing’s Life Story series, outlines the Beatles’ music career in its 100 pages.
Beginning with the group’s formation in Liverpool, foundation gigs in […]

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Февраль 17, 2012

Ringo Starr: Ringo 2012 / Roberta Flack: Let It Be: Roberta Flack Sings the Beatles

Ringo Si, Roberta No

The Beatles broke up in 1970 and almost immediately the band’s output was enshrined as the new standards by which other music was measured. The once insurgent music was now the new tradition. For the generations that followed, the Beatles’ songs represented the old and over-praised conventions of the past that needed […]

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Февраль 16, 2012

Sir Paul McCartney says he has quit drugs for ther sake of his daughter Beatrice

Sir Paul McCartney’s drug days are well and truly over. Picture: AFP
MARIJUANA-advocate SIR Paul McCartney has quit drugs for the sake of his eight-year-old daughter, Beatrice.
The former Beatle, now 69, who was once jailed in Japan for marijuana possession, told Rolling Stone magazine that he no longer uses illegal substances.

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