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Март 31, 2012

“Get Back”

Paul McCartney with Roger Daltrey, Ron Wood and Paul Weller with “Get Back” Thursday night at Royal Albert Hall.

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Newsweek’s 50 year Beatles tribute worth searching out

Beatles tribute magazine aren’t rare, though good ones seem to be. Newsweek’s new special commemorative issue, “The Beatles: 50 Years Since the Music Started,” is one of those.
The magazine, which will be available until June 1, is 98 pages of pictures, stories and information.
Their musical history is covered by Rolling Stone writer Anthony DeCurtis and Andrew Loog […]

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The Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band history

30 March 1967, the Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band photo sessions took place at 4 Chelsea Manor Studios, 1-11 Flood Street, just off King’s Road in Chelsea with designer Peter Blake and photographer Michael Cooper.

Peter Brown, former Beatles manager, shows us an early print of […]

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Teenage Cancer Trust concert. March 29, 2012

Март 27, 2012

Digitally Yellow Submarine restored DVD and BLU-RAY sets sail may 28th

you may click the picture above
⁃ it’s not so pointless

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Beatles director Richard Lester receives BFI Fellowship

Veteran British film director Richard Lester has received a Fellowship from the British Film Institute (BFI).

March 1964- On the set of A Hard Day’s Night.
Lester, who directed the Beatles films A Hard Day’s Night and Help! in the 1960s, was presented with the award last week by BFI chairman Greg Dyke.
Dyke said Lester had “enriched […]

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Yoko Ono: “John’s affair wasn’t hurtful to me. I needed a rest. I needed space”

Her family disowned her, her daughter was snatched from her, and her rock’n’roll marriage stifled her. But now, Yoko Ono has learned to smile

Yoko Ono noiselessly taps at her MacBook. Everything about her is quiet and compact – even the keyboard on her computer hardly makes a sound. […]

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Март 26, 2012

Paul McCartney Launches The Meat Free Monday Cookbook

NEW YORK, March 26 –  52 Weekly Menus Feed Meatless Monday Movement
NEW YORK, March 26 /PRNewswire/ — Starting today, Meatless Monday fans will get a year of enticing menus from one of the movement’s most famous supporters.  Sir Paul McCartney,along with his daughters Stella and Mary, are launching The Meat Free Monday Cookbook (Kyle Books), which […]

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Although known to fans as “the quiet Beatle,” George Harrison left behind a wealth of legendary albums upon his death in 2001. Fans have also been exposed to a number of unreleased demo tracks over the years through unofficial releases, including solo demos recorded in the waning days of the Beatles as he transitioned to working on his […]

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Март 22, 2012

Paul Is Dead…Again? Twitter Tries to Kill Off McCartney

Paul McCartney is still not dead.
But he is, once again, the victim of a death hoax, this time courtesy of…yep, Twitter.
Much like the “Paul Is Dead” urban legend that was created more than 40 years ago suggesting that the former Beatle had died in a car accident and was secretly replaced in the band by an imposter, “RIP Paul […]

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