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Апрель 28, 2012

McCartney trumps Lennon

Paul McCartney’s music is way more important to me than John Lennon’s.
There, I’ve said it. Now you know my horrible secret.
I realize I’ve committed pop-culture heresy by making such an admission. No cool kid would state, in public, a preference for Macca over the Walrus — it’s just not done.
We all know John, […]

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Апрель 27, 2012

“Baby You’re A Rich Man”

McCartney moves up on rich musicians list

London, April 26 — Singer Paul McCartney has moved up the list of the world’s richest musicians after marring Nancy Shevell.
The Beatles legend’s mass fortune was estimated at $792 million last year, but has now risen to $1.6 billion because of his wife’s family fortune, reports contactmusic.com.
The couple […]

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Treasure trove of George Harrison music unwrapped

George Harrisonwas recording steadily at the studio in his English country estate until nearly the day he died in 2001.

1978- George with his son, Dhani, and wife, Olivia, at Friar Park.
“He loved to record, he was always doing more and more demos at night,” says his widow, Olivia Harrison. “But he’d always […]

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Апрель 26, 2012

“The Beatles, Yellow Submarine” print set by Tom Whalen

Dark Hall Mansion is thrilled to finally unveil a project that has been in development for over one full year: the first officially licensed, limited edition print Folio for The Beatles 1968 cinematic masterpiece, Yellow Submarine by Tom Whalen. It is a set of (5) 18″ x 24″ Screenprints, housed in a yellow protective Folio case. Available editions are as follows:

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Апрель 25, 2012

‘Fifth Beatle’ Sir George Martin believes EMI break-up ‘the worst thing music has ever faced’

The break-up of EMI is the “worst thing that music has ever faced”, Sir George Martin, the legendary record producer who oversaw the rise of the Beatles, has claimed.

Sir George, often dubbed “the fifth Beatle” because of his great influence during their 1960s heyday, said he was “saddened” by the looming carve-up of EMI, which […]

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Апрель 23, 2012

The Beatles, Helen Shapiro … and God

Helen Shapiro tells Dawn Collinson about headlining above The Beatles and her gospel tour

AT 16, on a tour bus with other young stars of the Sixties, Helen Shapiro had a huge crush on the cheekiest boy of the bunch.
She was the top of the bill back then, with three hit singles to her name. […]

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Digging Into George Harrison’s Secret Stash

Mr. Harrison, who died of cancer in 2001, had a sly habit of stashing things away. In notebooks, he scribbled to-do lists and plans for his sprawling gardens. He’d write a date on a photograph and tuck it in a cupboard. “He used to say, ‘One day somebody will find that,’ ” Ms. Harrison […]

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Paul McCartney to Become Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Paul McCartney will be inducted into the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Sciences this fall. The famed Beatles and Wings musician is one of 17 people born outside of the U.S. who will be recognized with “foreign honorary memberships” at a special ceremony set for October 6 at the academy’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Each year, […]

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An original and extremely rare 1963 mono copy of the Beatles‘  ‘Please Please Me’ album, signed by the Fab Four, sold April 18 during an eBay auction for nearly $25,000. Finding a copy of their debut record in decent condition is difficult enough, so to find it autographed with full signatures by all four members is the […]

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Апрель 19, 2012

The Beatles most downloaded tracks revealed

2012 marks the 60th anniversary of the Official Singles Chart. It also marks the 50th anniversary of The Beatles. To celebrate, the Official Charts Company have compiled a Top 40 of The Beatles most downloaded tracks.

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