Архив за месяц: Июль 2012.

Июль 31, 2012

Paul McCartney in Manhattan

It was noon on a warm Monday in early July (July 2nd to be exact) and due to the impending holiday, one of the quietest weeks on even the busiest New York streets. I was on a lunch break from work and making my way to a dentist appointment. At the northwest corner of 5th […]

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Live Kisses DVD

The Capitol Studios concert version of Paul McCartney’s “Kisses On The Bottom” will be released on DVD as “Live Kisses” September 7th by Eagle Rock. The film was shown on TV in the USA recently, as part of PBS’ “Great Performances” series.


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Jane Scott, witness to rock history: From the Beatles to hip hop — A personal farewell

When the Beatles performed Sept. 15, 1964, at Public Hall, Jane Scott was there, reporter’s notebook in hand. She came back to see the band in 1966, too, this time landing an interview with Paul McCartney. (Photo by Ron Swede, from Jane Scott’s personal collection)
I actually found a classmate once who wanted to go to […]

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New children’s Beatles book

Maria Saunderson has authored a unique children’s Beatles book in “Once Upon a Liverpool,” just out in the UK. The book, which is available
through Amazon.co.uk, uses its charming illustrations from needlecraft to tell the story of  John, Paul, George and Ringo’s lives for young readers.
“I hope ‘Once Upon A Liverpool’ will warm your […]

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“Looking for Ringo” Project Pitch

Will Viktor, a Russian hairdresser, win former Beatles member Ringo Starr for his big dream?
Our documentary follows his journey starting from Moscow out into the world and
tells a humorous story about passion and fantasy.
click for full-scale invasion

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Июль 30, 2012

Beatle Burning Has Lightning Climax

They had a Beatle (paraphernalia) burning deep in the heart of Texas recently while I was visiting my parents in the old home town.
A local radio station in Longview, TX – KLUE – took the initiative after Beatle John Lennon shocked the world with his statement – misinterpreted or not – that the British […]

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Июль 29, 2012


According to Gigwise.com,  a promotional copy of an earlyBeatles 7″ single has sold at auction for $35,000.
The 1964 single, on the Vee Jay label, is considered to be the rarest U.S. Beatles record. The songs on the 45 are ‘Ask Me Why’ b/w ‘Anna’ and only five of these records were ever produced. The record was […]

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Ringo’s Photo Album magazine (1964)

(Hover over the image and click to see the back cover.)
“And that’s the end of the Ringo’s photo album pictures. Many, many thanks to Doug from dograt.com for sharing them.
For anyone curious, I’ve collected them all under this tag. Do check through to see if you missed anything because pretty much all of it […]

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Июль 28, 2012

Beatlemania hits Bogota with 2 new exhibits

Two Beatles exhibitions will make their way to Bogota next month.

The exhibits, which cost $14 to enter and will run from August 14 to October 16 at Bogota’s Seminario Mayor de Usaquén Valmaria, include photos, drawings, murals, interviews and articles about the legendary pop band. Attendees can also hang their own wishes for peace from the branches […]

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Come Together, To Save The Arctic

1968. That was a hell of a year. The people were on the streets, revolution
 was in the air, we released the White Album, and perhaps the most 
influential photograph of all time was taken by an astronaut called William 
It was Christmas eve. Anders and his mission commander Frank Borman had 
just become the only […]

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