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Февраль 28, 2013

Ringo Starr to releave live DVD ‘Ringo At The Ryman’

Ringo Starr is a living legend whose contribution to the roots of rock and roll is immeasurable, not only as a Beatle, but also through his prolific and successful solo career.
In gathering a new group of iconic rockers to play as the All Starr band each tour, every configuration offers a new and memorable […]

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Февраль 26, 2013

Paul McCartney: I wish I could spend more time with my mother

Sir Paul McCartney has said he would go back and see his mother if he had a time machine.

When Sir Paul was just 14 his mother died of an embolism. Her loss later became a point of connection with John Lennon, whose mother, Julia, had died when he was 17.
As the family’s primary wage […]

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Февраль 25, 2013

“Love Comes To Everyone”

♡ Happy Birthday George Harold Harrison! (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001)

“Nothing I can say about George speaks louder than his music. Knowing how reluctant he was to talk about himself led me to illustrate his years mostly in pictures. His life was fascinating not entirely by chance. He worked hard, and he […]

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Февраль 21, 2013

Beatles Lend Songs to Film About Former Employee

‘Good Ol’ Freda’ will premiere March 9th at SXSW

The Beatles have given their blessing to a new documentary about their former secretary by lending their music to the upcoming film, according to The Hollywood Reporter
Good Ol’ Freda  tells the story of Freda Kelly, who ran the Beatles fan club and spent 11 years […]

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Февраль 20, 2013

New cookbook pays tribute to 50 years of The Beatles

The caption to this photo says: “Lennon, Mccartney and Starr play with their spaghetti on the Italian stop of The Beatles June 1965 European tour.”
Lanea Stagg  is proud to announce the completion ofRecipe Records: A Culinary Tribute to The Beatles, the third book in her Recipe Records cookbook series.  The book contains 50 […]

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Февраль 19, 2013

Beatles fan paid $2100 for 30 seconds with Ringo Starr

A DISGRUNTLED Beatles fan has paid $2100 for a 30-second meeting with Ringo Starr.

Melbourne woman Briar Gunther purchased one of Starr’s pricey artworks expecting a two minute chat and photo with the former Beatle.
However Gunther said she and her father were bundled in and out of Armadale’s Silver K Gallery in seconds after a quick […]

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Klaus Voorman’s last visit with George

[Klaus talks about the last photo he took of George and how sad it makes him to look at it…]
“Why don’t you play Imagine on the white piano, John?”

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Февраль 18, 2013


“See we’re not super human and we really get hurt by abuse. We don’t mind criticism of our work as art. But I mean the British press actually called Yoko ugly in the papers and I never seen that about any woman or man. Even if a person is ugly, you don’t normally sort of […]

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Февраль 17, 2013

Beatles friend Tony Sheridan died at 72

“Baby won’t you tell me why? why? why? why are we so far apart?”.

Tony Sheridan and Stuart Sutcliffe in beautiful color ( by Astrid Kircherr, collection Pauline Sutcliffe)
Tony Sheridan, who sang with the Beatles on “My Bonnie” and other early songs the group recorded with him in Germany, is died in a […]

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Февраль 16, 2013

Ringo Starr from Sydney watch now

Ringo Starr performed his first two shows ever in Sydney this week with his All-Starr Band.
The All-Starr’s are Todd Rundgren, Steve Lukather (Toto), Greg Rolie (Santana) and Richard Page (Mr Mister) all performing their own hits as well as solo hits by Ringo and The Beatles.
Remaining dates for Ringo Starr and the All-Starr band […]

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