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Август 31, 2013

“Beatles with an A”

“Beatles with an A”, subtitled “Birth of a band” is not a comic book, but it’s more adult equivalent, a graphic novel. Using the comic book format and language, the Beatles’ early history is told with a humorous twist. The book takes us from the birth of Ringo Starr to the recording of the song […]

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Beatles’ secretary Freda Kelly finally breaks her silence: Protecting John Lennon’s affairs, sleeping at Ringo Starr’s house

When Freda Kelly, just a shy Liverpool teen, signed on to work for a local band with big dreams she had no idea she would soon hold the most coveted secretarial position in the world. While history observes that the Beatles were together for 10 years, Kelly served them for 11 – managing the […]

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Август 29, 2013

Paul McCartney’s Relentlessly Cheery ‘New’ Song Harks Back to Old Ones

Mark Ronson-produced track is set to appear on former Beatles star’s ‘New’ solo album
Paul McCartney has shared a new song called, uh, “New.” The track will appear on Macca’s upcoming 16th solo album, which is also titled New. So, in case you’re not catching the hint, Sir Paul’s next full-length will feature all-new […]

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Август 25, 2013

Ringo previews kids’ book; AHDN tech dies; ‘Rockshow’ on TV

Ringo Starr’s Facebook page posted the first look Aug. 23 at the upcoming “Octopus’ Garden” children’s picture book announced in June. The book will be first published in October in the UK and in January in the U.S. The illustration is by artist Ben Cort, a Beatles fan, whose work will be featured in the book.

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Август 23, 2013

Then, Now and Together, The Beatles return to Liverpool

Revisit the swinging sixties with The Beatles in Liverpool for our newest Liverpool Then, Now and Together gallery - we love it, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Our latest Liverpool Then, Now and Together gallery is ready as we put The Beatles back to where they once belonged!
This time we have looked at images from some memorable moments […]

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Август 21, 2013

Early Beatles photographs by Astrid Kirchherr getting L.A. show

A collection of early photographs of the Beatles taken by Astrid Kirchherr will go on display in a West Hollywood gallery starting in September.
“The Early Beatles Collection,” scheduled to run at the Leica Gallery from Sept. 7 to Oct. 19, will feature images Kirchherr took during the filming of “A Hard Day’s Night” in 1964 […]

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Август 20, 2013

Paul McCartney: Going Underground…

Here’s the trailer to an upcoming movie, available soon on DVD: “Going Underground: Paul McCartney, The Beatles And The UK Counter-culture”.
Description: In the mid-1960s the often rigid and colourless British way of life was irrevocably transformed by the emergence of a cultural underground movement.
Led by a loose collective of young radicals, they introduced new […]

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Good Ol’ Freda

If you’re a fan of the Beatles you will have seen it. It’s everywhere you look. What I’m talking about is the advertising campaign for the independent film Good Ol’ Freda. You can’t surf the internet without it popping up everywhere. I’ve resisted writing about it much, but I’m giving in. The reason? I […]

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Август 18, 2013

Paul McCartney Producer Previews ‘Revelatory’ New Album

Ethan Johns on working with the Beatle and what’s next for his own solo career

Early last year, Ethan Johns got a special request from Paul McCartney. “I got a call saying, ‘Would you like to go into the studio with Paul?’” recalls the English producer. “And of course I said, ‘I would love to!’”
McCartney was […]

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Август 17, 2013

American Scientists Attempt to Sequence John Lennon’s Genetic Code from the Beatle’s Tooth

John Lennon’s tooth is going under the microscope in a US lab with scientists considering ways to extract the genetic code from the fragile specimen owned by Canadian dentist-tooth collector Dr. Michael Zuk. “I am nervous and excited at the possibility that we will be able to fully sequence John Lennon’s DNA, very […]

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