Архив за месяц: Сентябрь 2013.

Сентябрь 26, 2013


Ringo Starr Receives French Medal For Artwork

Ringo and Barbara (September 24) at the ceremony in which Ringo got his “Insigne de Commandeur de l’ordre des Arts et Lettres” in Monaco.
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has joined one of the art world’s most exclusive clubs after being appointed a Commander of France’s Order of Arts and Letters.
The […]

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Сентябрь 25, 2013

The Richard Starkey Story

The Nearest To My Heart

John Lennon, Paul McCartney
Liverpool 1961
Summary: During the Beatles Christmas show concert dates they strike up a friendship with their co-liners the Debutantes a up and coming black girl group from New York (Loosely based on the Ronettes). Paul and John both find themselves interested in the lead singer and budding songwriter, Charlie ‘Tilly’ Tillman. […]

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Сентябрь 24, 2013

Building which houses The Beatles old haunt The Cavern Club to be auctioned

Any potential sale will not affect the Liverpool nightclub, which was rebuilt in 1984

The Beatles old haunt The Cavern Club is to be sold at an auction next month (October).
The Liverpool nightclub, which played host to The Beatles at least 300 times, will be sold alongside the surrounding Cavern Walks Shopping Centre and is expected to […]

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‘John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes’ App Due in November

Interactive program follows artist’s 1980 trip to the islands

John Lennon fans will be able to revisit the late Beatle’s 1980 travels to Bermuda in a new interactive album app. “John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes” will launch in the iTunes App Store on November 5th and tracks Lennon’s trip to the islands and his collaborations with […]

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Сентябрь 23, 2013

‘George Harrison Day’ declared

(George in New York, 1963)
Gov. Pat Quinn is proclaiming Sept. 21 “George Harrison Day” in honor of the late musician’s two-week stay in Southern Illinois 50 years ago.
The governor announced the proclamation Sunday, as part of an effort to promote heritage tourism in Illinois. The Beatles were on the verge of making pop music history […]

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Paul McCartney: Only WE Know What Happened In The Beatles

New Macca album gets tough on Beatle myth-making. MOJO exclusive!

PREVIEWING HIS FORTHCOMING 24th solo studio album – entitled New – in the latest MOJO magazine, Paul McCartney pricks the bubble of received wisdom that surrounds his former, quite-well-known band, The Beatles. One song, Early Days, refers pointedly to those who “weren’t there” and their wayward takes […]

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Сентябрь 19, 2013

Happy 79th Birthday Brian Epstein!

What would we have done without you. Brian, you are a very very special person to me and to, I’m pretty sure, ALL Beatlemaniacs. You were a big part of it all, and you still are. You helped them grow and become successful artists. They loved you like a friend, a father, their manager. […]

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Beatles calendars for 2014

As usual this time of the year, news about the upcoming Beatles calendars for next year emerge. Most will be available for purchase, some in the near future. As usual, there’s a variety to choose from. The above depicted one is from Danilo, and is branded as an “official” calendar. Here’s the back, with […]

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Сентябрь 16, 2013

Confirmed McCartney track list

PaulMcCartney.com just confirmed the 12 tracks on the regular edition of Paul’s new CD album “New”, including producer credits for each track.

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