Архив за месяц: Май 2014.

Май 29, 2014

The Love We Make

SIR Paul McCartney gives the thumbs up, pictured for the first time since leaving Japan after being hit by a mystery virus.

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Май 27, 2014

The Beatles Rock Art Color

Please check the new art tribute online exhibition, The Beatles Rock Art Color

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The Beatles - The Beatles Are Coming!

This t-shirt allows you to wear your personality on your sleeve. With subjects covering religion, music, military, humor, novelty, movies, TV, art, fantasy, sports, video games, travel, and nature (just to name a few!), explore additional t-shirts for men, women, kids and infants.

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Paul McCartney released from Japanese hospital, concert organizer says

According to a note posted today on the Paul McCartney Japanese tour website by a Japan concert organizer, Paul McCartney quietly left Japan May 26 on a charter flight for an unspecified destination after being treated in a hospital for a virus infection. The note also said discussions are taking place to reschedule the […]

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Май 23, 2014

Paul McCartney: All we need is you!

THIS JUST IN: Paul McCartney has cancelled his Japan tour after being hospitalized. Feel better Paul!
UPDATE: Paul McCartney recovering after “successful medical treatment at a hospital in Tokyo”

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Май 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Astrid!

Astrid Kirchherr was born on May 20, 1938 in Hamburg.
Astrid Kirchherr [05.20.38]
“Astrid was so loving; she’d take us home and feed us. She helped us a lot, even just to let us have a bath. Astrid was twenty-two at that time, and I was seventeen; she seemed so much older than me, and so grown […]

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Май 20, 2014

the Beatles (teasertrailer)

(the Beatles is the norwegian movie with premiere in august 2014, based on the novel by Lars Saabye Christensen. It’s about fire boys in the seventh grade in school, they live on the west side of Oslo, they are all great fans of the band “The Beatles”.
Here’s the trailer… It actually looks really, really good. […]

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Май 15, 2014

“A Hard Day’s Night: 50th Anniversary Restoration”

The quad poster. © Copyright: Second Sight Films
Thanks to our reader, Helter Skelter, who alerted us to the fact that the UK edition of the new “A Hard Day’s Night” Blu-ray is now being advertised on Amazon UK as A Hard Day’s Night: 50th Anniversary Restoration [Blu-ray]. No listing for the DVD edition yet.

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Paul has joined LINE PLAY! Full details HERE

Last October Paul opened English and Japanese profiles on the mobile messenger app LINE. Launched to coincide with his first tour of Japan in 11 years, Paul also released a set of eight free stickers for use in private messages.
Expanding in April to include a Spanish language profile, Paul’s LINE accounts now totals over 11,000,000 […]

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